Nova is a manufacturer company in Turkey for producing different kind of semi trailers. We produce our semi trailers with high quality Europen or Turkish components with considering of envoirement conditions which is consisty of well known brand axles  BPW, SAF, Sertel, MPD, Trax, Osman Koc, high strength steels; S355JR, Hardox 450, Domex MC700, Strenx 700, well known brand of tires Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone; well known brake system EBS, ABS with Knorr or Wabco quality and high quality Turkish or EU made accessories. We have semi trailers for different kind of load solutions and for different road conditions according to each country regulation.

Tipper Trailers is used for carrying different materials like sand, bauxite, manganese, scrap paper, scrap metal, scrap plastic, wheat, grain, minerals, marble, rocks, steel bars, gravel, general construction materials. Tipper Trailers can be produce from 20 cbm to 75 cbm with Hardox body and MC700 chassis. Nova Trailer can offer its customers different kind of Tipper Trailers solutions according to their loads.

Nova can produce different type or Flatbed Trailers for dry loads, containers. Flatbed Trailers are used for carrying container, steel bar, other items which is loaded with pallet and normal cargo loads. Nova can offer Flatbed Trailers with different specification according to country regulations and customer demand from 20 tons to 70 tons for 20 to 45 ft container with tipping option.

Tanker Trailers desinged to carry any liquid items like fuel, acid, water, diesel Jet A1, oil, milk, slurry and else. We have different Tanker Trailers opportunity starts from 20.000 Liter to 60.000 Liter capacity. with 2 to 7 compartments. Nova Trailer gives its customers wide range of Tanker Trailers assortment and find the best solution according to customer country road regulations.

Nova produce Custom made semi trailers for different kind of loads. Our custom made semi trailers desing according to required loads, country road regulation. We produce custom made semi trailers like lowbed trailer, silo trailer, bulker trailer, cement tanker trailer, low loader, transmixer trailer, timber transport semi trailers, concrete mixer semi trailers and other special semi trailers.

Semi Trailers Models

  • Our tipper semi trailers models are ; half pipe tippers, rock type tippers, scrap transport tippers, multi purpose tippers, rock type tippers.
  • We have models of flatbed trailers for container transport and dry cargo transport, platform trailer, tipping container trailer, skeletal containers trailers.
  • We have models of tanker trailers that the tank body produced with aluminum, steel and stainless steel material and tanker trailers for fuel, diesel, jeta, acid, liquid chemical transportation business.
  • We have custom made semi trailers; Lowbed, lowloader, concrete mixer semi trailer, silo trailer, cement tanker trailer, bulker trailer, timber transport trailers.

High Quality Semi Trailers

As Nova Trailer manufacturing company for semi trailers our first aim is human safety because our customer and their drivers are very important for us. Every passing day we focus on how we can produce strong and light semi trailers with technology adapted. For this reason we work more harder to success our mission in transportation industry with our high quality and long life semi trailers.

  • All our trailers are produced with certificated parts from our Turkish and Europen Suppliers
  • We use high quality Domex, Hardox and ST Quality Steel plates
  • We pay attention on brake parts and use WABCO, Knorr or Haldex EBS systems
  • High Quality mechanical suspension and air suspension is our essential
  • Produce trailers with BPW and SAF Holland and Turkish brand axles
  • High quality tires and rims are used for a safe transportation