Dolly Trailers

A Dolly Trailers is a small trailer that can be coupled to a truck or trailer so as to support a semi-trailer. The Dolly Trailers consists of a bogie equipped with a kingpin and a fifth wheel, to which the semi-trailer is coupled. Nova Trailer offers high quality and competitive prices Dolly Trailers from Turkey to Worldwide.

Dolly Trailers Highlights

  • Desinged to carry very long items like concrete block
  • BPW, SAF or Certificated Turkish Axles
  • ABS and EBS brake system
  • Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear brand tires
  • JOST or Turkish brand parking leg and king pin
  • ST Quality Steel useage
  • Air and Mechanical Suspension
  • Custom Length according to Demand
  • Steel or Aluminum Rims
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