Nova Trailer has ability to desing and build special trailers according to customer requirement. We have different type of special trailers options however according to your demand we can change all these requirement. In Turkey we have a wide range of useage of technology to find the best solution with best special trailers to our customers.


hydraulic-dolly-trailer Hydraulic dolly trailers used for loading ubnormal loads with hydraulic steering powered axles, can have 2 or 3 axle option

dolly-transporter Dolly Trailer used for connect two trailers together and also used for carry very long items like pipes and concrete blocks

hopper-type-bulker-trailer Grain bulk trailers gives and option to load wheat, grain and unload it from bottom holes with gravity

pipe-transporter-trailer Pipe transport trailers design to load big and small pipes in a safe mode with its pipe guides protect with rubber